ACID Morado is a juggernaut crushing all in its path. Experience this super rich blend of complex hybrid aromatics and release the monster within. Slay the Dragon, Light up!



ACID G-Fresh delivers ACID’s creatively blended aromatics and hand-rolled cigar craftsmanship in our innovative G-Fresh packaging, which promises that your cigar will stay fresh and ready for your enjoyment no matter where you choose to spark up. Available in the best-selling Kuba Kuba and Blondie blends, these cigars go with you anywhere without even needing to worry about a humidor.

Krush Classic

These petite cigars pack an aromatic punch! These 4×32 cigars are packaged in easily-to-carry 10-count tins and are available in four unique blends: Blue Connecticut, Red Cameroon, Gold Sumatra, and Morado Maduro. These are the perfect smokes for the ACID lover on the move!