Our ACID Blue is the most widely desired ACID expression among cigar aficionados with its mellow blends and captivating aromas. Ringed in metallic blue, this line is the careful combination of the finest cigar craftsmanship and aromatic blending. These cigars are the smoke of choice by those seeking total relaxation from the daily rigors of life…



ACID G-Fresh delivers ACID’s creatively blended aromatics and hand-rolled cigar craftsmanship in our innovative G-Fresh packaging, which promises that your cigar will stay fresh and ready for your enjoyment no matter where you choose to spark up. Available in the best-selling Kuba Kuba and Blondie blends, these cigars go with you anywhere without even needing to worry about a humidor.


ACID Cigarillos are the newest edition to the ACID family. These little monsters are packed with classic ACID aromatics and crafted to match the sensorial experience that you get with its bigger cousins. Available in Blue, Red, and the totally unique Candela Green, ACID Cigarillos bring a premium quality experience to your busy life and are the anytime, anywhere ACID of choice.


These petite cigars pack an aromatic punch! These 4×32 cigars are packaged in easily-to-carry 10-count tins and are available in four unique blends: Blue Connecticut, Red Cameroon, Gold Sumatra, and Morado Maduro. These are the perfect smokes for the ACID lover on the move!